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SVX, SVXN, SVS and SMS Hy/Tuned™ Spring Isolators

SVX, SVXN, SVS and SMS Hy/Tuned™ Spring Isolators are designed to solve the toughest vibration and shock control problems.  These Spring Isolators have natural frequencies that are lower than elastomeric type isolators, making them the ideal solution for severe vibration and shock problems typically associated with large stamping presses doing heavy blanking operations.

These Spring Mounts are also used as seismic isolation elements under isolated foundations and concrete slabs. Spring Mount designs are also available to protect machinery and buildings from the damaging effects of earthquakes. We have many successful installations in earthquake zones.

SVX, SVXN, SVS and SMS Spring Isolators feature integral leveling or non-leveling, and viscous or material damping versions.

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SVX Spring Mount

SVS Spring Isolator

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