Vibration and Shock Isolation Systems
for Forging and Screw Presses

Forging and screw presses can be installed using either Vibro/Dynamics® Micro/Level or MX Elastomer Isolators or FS Viscous Damped Spring Mounts, depending on the installation and isolation requirements.

Micro/Level® Elastomer Isolators offer easier and faster installations; precision leveling and alignment; and excellent vibration and impact force isolation. MXBP and MXBN Isolation Mounts offer effective vibration control with a cost effective design.

FSV™ and FSX™ viscous damped spring isolators are recommended when shock isolation requirements are high. These isolators are softer than elastomer mounts, so direct mounting of the press on spring isolators will result in greater than desired motion caused by the press rocking forces. Motion can be reduced by using a steel plate or outrigger beams effectively increasing the wheelbase of the machine.

forging isolator Forging Presses can be installed using either Spring or Elastomer Mounts. Outriggers may be recommended for spring mounts installations to reduced the rocking motion.
forging isolator

FSV and FSX Viscous Damped Spring Mounts

FSV spring mtFS Spring Isolators have been specifically designed to isolate transmitted shock and vibration generated by Die Forgers, Drop Hammers, and Forging Presses used in the Forging Industry. Their heavy-duty design is made to hold-up under the severe operating conditions common to forging installations. 

These isolators feature
heavy-duty, stress relieved construction; highly effective, viscous damping to control machine motion; one-piece, bellows seal to resist contamination of damping fluid; and protective sleeves around the coil springs to keep scale and scrap from getting between the spring coils.

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Screw Press Applications

screw press isolationScrew presses have similar characteristics to both hammers and forging presses. The drive mechanism is a large screw driven by a horizontal flywheel. This action generates rotational as well as vertical forces.

In order to control the rotational force, and to limit motion, these presses are usually installed on large steel plates that spread out the isolators to stabilize the press and to gain a mechanical advantage over the rotational forces.

Vibro/Dynamics has installed several large screw presses with excellent results. We have found a simple, straight-forward solution is to use Wedge-Style Elastomer Support Isolators under a large steel plate and then control and isolate the rotation forces with horizontally oriented wedge mounts located under the steel plate in a buttress configuration. The result is a smooth operating screw press installation that stays put.

wedge mounts
Micro/Level® Wedge Mounts are available
in different sizes and configurations

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