Vibration Isolators, Wire Rope Isolators, Machine Mounts,
Isolated Foundations, etc.vibration isolators

Vibro/Dynamics Products are designed to effectively reduce transmitted shock and vibration and provide an adjustment means to precisely level, align, and optimally support industrial machinery. Our products provide two-way vibration isolation protection. Not only do they protect precision machinery from a severe vibration environment; they also protect your people and workplace environment from machines that generate high levels of shock and vibration. Typical applications include metal stamping presses, forging hammers and presses, and plastic, metal container, textile, and woodworking equipment weighing from 50 to 2.2 million kg. Vibro/Dynamics has an excellent record of protecting machines in earthquake zones.

Vibro/Dynamics takes an engineered approach toward machinery installation and vibration isolation. We design and select isolators that provide the best combination of vibration isolation and machine stability. The process begins by analyzing a machine’s operating and structural characteristics and the static and dynamic forces it generates. We then configure (Custom-Engineer) the best isolator from our large inventory of standardized component parts. Potentially, there are over 6,000 custom engineered isolators that can be configured. Every size isolator is available in a wide variety of load ranges, stiffness’, and leveling screw diameters and lengths to perfectly match the machine and application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elastomer Type Vibro/Dynamics Isolators

  • Series 6 & 8 for industrial machinery weighing up to 45 tons. 
  • Series 9 to 26 Series for machinery weighing up to 270 metric tons (600,000 lbs.).
  • MXL and MXLP Isolators and MXBP and MXBN Isolation Elements for stamping presses and other heavy industrial machines weighing up to 2270 metric tons.
    (5 million lbs.) See Large Press Video.
  • Wedge-Style Isolators for punch press, die cast, and injection molding applications weighing up to 270 tons.
  • Low Frequency Elastomeric Isolators (PDF download 1.28MB)

Spring Isolators with Viscous or Material Damping

Forging Hammer and Press Isolation Systems

Wire Rope Isolators and Cable Mounts

Foundation Isolated Products

Options and Accessories

  • Hydra/Level® hydraulically assisted leveling and alignment for heavy machines.


Vibro/Dynamics offers a wide variety of services from vibration testing to finite element analysis. We also offer installation services for our Hydra/Level and Micro/Level products as well as custom isolation design services.