Micro/Level® Elastomer Isolators

Models: 2L, 6M, 6L, 6K , 8M,  8L, 8K, 6Mi, 6Li, 6Ki, 8Mi, 8Li, and 8Ki

These vibration isolators and machine mounts are designed for the free-standing installation of punch presses, machine tools, die cast machines, plastic injection molders and other industrial machinery.

See Isolator Selection Guidelines. (Download Literature - 345 KB)

vibration isolators

Series 2L, 6L and 8L vibration isolators are ideal for machine tool and punch press applications. Series 6K and 8K isolators are the best choice for machines generating high inertia force like high-speed presses, die cast machines, cold headers and plastic injection molders. 

vibration mounts

machine mounts

Series 6M and 8M are very soft vibration isolators with thick elastomers designed to protect precision equipment in high vibration environments. These vibration isolators are designed for Non-Impact machines generating very low inertia. Ideal for coordinate measuring machines, surface plates, jig grinders and EDMs.

leveling mount 

machinery mounts

Series 6iK, 6iL, 6iM, 8iK, 8iL and 8iM have all of the above vibration isolator characteristics, but are designed specifically for machines with leveling jack screws in their base. These isolators simply slide under the jack screws, replacing the existing leveling pads.

leveling mounts

Isolator Selection Guidelines (Download PDF Version - 84 KB)

  1. Select Isolators using Table 1 for General Machine Tools, Presses, Die Cast Machines and Plastic Injection Molders or Table 2 for non-impact machines like Coordinate Measuring Machines, Surface Plates, Jig Grinders and other machinery that doesn't generate a high amount of horizontal force. 
    Note: Table 1 selects isolators based on the total weight of the machine, whereas Tables 2 selects the isolators based on the Maximum Load on the Isolator.
  2. For Table 1 applications, use either Column 1 or 2, depending on machine type. Follow the column downward until the machine's total weight is found.
  3. Follow that row across horizontally until it intersects with appropriate column in either the Machine Tool or Punch Press Section. Select the Isolator.
  4. For Table 2 applications, determine the maximum load on the isolator using Table 3. select the Isolator.

    Leveling Screw Selection 
    (Note: Not for "i" style isolators, which use the machine's existing leveling screws).

  5. Using the Leveling Screw Selection Table, select the Leveling Screw Model based on the machine's mounting hole diameter, foot thickness and its maximum load capacity.
  6. For Table 1 applications, the maximum load on the isolators must be calculated using Table 3 to select the leveling screw. This load is only used for leveling screw - not isolator selection. 
  7. Configure the Isolator Model using the Isolator Model Number Key as an example. 
  8. Please contact us for Application assistance.

Orders can be placed by telephone 1-800-842-7668, Fax 708-345-2225, or mail (contact information).

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