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Series 9 to 26 Micro/Level® 
Vibration Isolators & Press Mounts

vibration mountsWith load ratings to 135,000 lbs. (60.000 daN) and natural frequencies as low as 10 Hz, these vertical leveling screw, elastomer isolators are very effective at isolating transmitted impact forces generated by stamping presses weighing as much as 450,000 lbs. (200.200 daN).

The horizontal properties of these vibration isolators are very effective in the anchorless installation of Die Cast Machines and  Plastic Injection Molders.For larger, heavier stamping press installations,
, MXLP, MXBP, MXBN Micro/Level Isolators and Isolation Elements, or SVS, SVX, or SVXN Viscous Damped Coil Spring Isolators can be used depending on your installation requirements.


vibration isolation mountCross-section of a 20 Series BFM Vibration Isolators

Among the features of these Vibration Isolators are a super-strong one-piece, ductile-iron housing; a high-strength steel bearing plate; a heat-treated adjustment screw that provides precision leveling and alignment; and a custom-engineered and compounded elastomer that effectively reduces harmful vibration. Our elastomer isolators are designed and applied to prevent creeping or  packing down, so your machine stays level and aligned.