MXBP & MXBN Isolation Mounts

Vibro/Dynamics MXBP and MXBN Isolation Mounts are designed for the free-standing support of large stamping presses and other equipment weighing from 13 to over 2270 metric tons (30,000 to over 5 million lbs.).

These low-cost press isolation systems use the same modular elastomers used in other Vibro/Dynamics' vibration and shock isolators. This modular, multiple layer isolation technology combined with expert Application Engineering results in high-performance, trouble-free installations. 

Unlike "pad material" installations, MXBP and MXBN Isolation Mounts offer superior support, machine level and elevation stability, and predictable isolation performance. Dynamic natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz can be achieved, resulting in very effective vibration and shock isolation.

Press leveling is accomplished using a specially designed "Shim Pak", consisting of alternating layers of steel sheet and anti-slip materials. To make leveling and shim insertion easier, the MXBP models are Hydra/Level® capable with built-in hydraulic cylinder pockets to raise the machine foot off of the element.

vibration mount
anti-vibration mount

isolated foundation mount
isolation mount


The HYDRA/LEVEL® Feature
(See Large Press Video)

leveling mountHydra/Level® is a patented hydraulic lift-assist system available in Vibro/Dynamics Micro/Level MX Press Mounts. Hydraulic Cylinders can be placed, permanently or temporarily, into isolator corner pockets making leveling and aligning even the heaviest machinery faster and easier, especially when aligning transfer press rolling bolster rails.

No separate jacks or cribbing are necessary. Installation times are greatly reduced by several days. In an actual Hydra/Level installation, a machine weighing up to 4,500,000 pounds was leveled and aligned in less than half a day. 

For MXL and MXLP Models, when the Hydraulic Cylinders are activated, the load on the precision leveling screw is reduced until it can be adjusted by hand. Precision leveling adjustments are made in this manner. The process is repeated until the machine is perfectly leveled and aligned and the support is Fine/Tuned.

For MXBP and MXBN Models, when the Hydraulic Cylinders are activated, the machine foot is lifted off the top of the Isolators, allowing the insertion of Shim Materials. The process is repeated until the machine is perfectly leveled and aligned and the support is Fine/Tuned.

The Hydra/Level® Process

   elastomer mount    elastomer isolator    press isolator

press mount

Machine Base is initially installed on Isolators with Hydra/Level capability.


Hydra/Level Isolators are then connected to a hydraulic pump.


Cylinders are engaged to lift lowest foot, relieving the load so that the leveling screw can be easily adjusted or shims inserted.

Cylinders are backed off, the level checked, and the system disconnected if leveling and elevation adjustments are completed.