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Shipboard Systems Protection

Vibro/Dynamics Wire Rope and Elastomer isolators enhance survivability of mission critical shipboard systems while reducing vibrations to improve the on-board environment.

Shock from underwater (UNDEX) and air explosions are effectively attenuated to meet military standards.

The Socitec Group SYMOS software package offers full, validated models of various shock testing machines (LWSM, MWSM, FSP, and new DSSM) verified and calibrated with data from physical tests.

Our wide range of elastomer mounts effectively prevent transmission of vibration from engines, pumps and other equipment into the vessel structure, reducing ambient and airborne noise and vibration.

Shock and Vibration Isolation for Zodiac Liferaft System

Liferaft evacuation systems on Naval vessels need shock and vibration isolation to maximize survivability. Engineered solutions using wire rope isolators protect this life-saving equipment from underwater and airborne explosions.

Socitec Group engineers used SYMOS to simulate MIL-S-901D tests and select wire rope isolators optimized for a Zodiac Liferaft System.  Testing validated the simulations and demonstrated the system possessed the mechanical strength to withstand underwater explosion forces.