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Reduced train vibrations to ensure passenger comfort

We never think about them and yet our journeys would be much less comfortable without them. Wire rope isolators are everywhere! For example, they isolate compressors located under trains so that passengers are less subject to shaking.

To produce isolators that correspond to the exact conditions of vibrations, The Socitec Group carried out test phases and quickly excluded elastomers which, due to their intrinsic qualities, would need to be regularly replaced. Following the tests, The Socitec Group set up a system of wire rope isolators, which are captive components, meaning that they do not tear or require handling. The sizing and calculation work resulted in the development of an isolator that can withstand fatigue.

Protection of equipment alongside rails

A great deal of equipment, including embarked electronic equipment, is located alongside the rails, such as sensors and radars. The repeated passage of trains subjects this material to shocks resulting from trembling and vibration waves.

Installing wire rope isolators ensures a longer lifespan for this electronic equipment while maintaining its technical performance.