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Cabinets – Rack Mounts

A customized cabinet for your requirements can be quickly developed and validated by  simulation to avoid often long and costly testing in the lab.

Based on the dimensions and weight of the cabinet adapted to house your equipment, a suspension is defined, taking into account mechanical environment and component requirements.

The structure is then validated by finite element methods based on a model fine-tuned per the actual qualification test.


  • Production of a simulation model for calculation of  the suspension response, including restraints and equipment properties
  • Choice of the most suitable suspension
  • Tests in line with the application standards
  • Comparison of tests with predictions and validation of solution

MIL-S-901E 19" Cabinet

The Socitec Group has partnered up with PENTAIR to offer customers a reinforced 19" (48cm) cabinet conforming with MIL-S-901E that corresponds to most underwater shock and vibration specifications.
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Rack mounts

These rack mounts for embedded equipment can be supplied as standard models, or if necessary for your application the rack design can be reviewed and subsequently manufactured according to particular specifications such as dimensions, equipment weight, centering, and various attachment types.
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