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MX Series Elastomer Vibration Isolators

Vibro/Dynamics specializes in the installation of large stamping presses on anchorless isolation systems that provide faster, easier installations.

The MX Series isolators are designed for large presses weighing from 90 tons to 2300 tons and more. The innovative patented design combines multiple layer modular elastomer technology with a variety of time and money saving features. Using multiple layers of modular elastomers, isolator natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz can be achieved, resulting in highly effective shock and vibration isolation.

MXL and MXLP models feature integral precision leveling combined with Hydra/Level ® lift-assist capability, making leveling and alignment of even the heaviest presses accurate, fast and safe. MXBP models have hydraulic cylinder pockets to make leveling with shims easier.


  • Inherent material damping to control motion due to transient events such as machine starting and stopping
  • Rugged design for long effective product life
  • High-quality elastomers applied at low working stresses to last the life of the installation. 
  • Stable machine support.
  • Faster, easier installations.

Precision Leveling MX Series

MXL and MXLP Series Micro/Level Isolators combine highly effective vibration and shock isolation with built-in leveling for presses weighing up to 5 million lbf.
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Shim Leveling MX Series

MXBP and MXBN Series Isolators offer highly effective vibration and shock isolation and are leveled using steel shims as a lower cost alternative.
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