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Shock Recorders MicroShockDetector Data Logger

The MicroShockDetector, made in Germany by SMT Elektronik, is a small, lightweight shock data logger for continuous shock and temperature monitoring. The easily configured device can be quickly installed and dismantled as needed, with the ability to be installed with adhesive pads, screws, or magnetic feet.

The compact and efficient design allows for placement in places that otherwise may be impossible with larger recorders. LED indicators on the front of the device allow for quick initial assessment while the easy to use software enables for closer evaluation of recorded data. With a long-lasting and replaceable battery, the device is highly re-usable, but is also economical enough for one-time use.

Micro shock detector


  • Registers the 200 largest shock events in all 3 axes
  • Storage of up to 10 time waveforms of the largest shocks in all 3 axes
  • Extremely long operation time and battery life
  • Easy to use and license-free software
  • USB interface